Welcome to HOTC!

We believe that EVERY student wants to succeed in school. When they are not, something is getting in the way. We can help eliminate the barriers to academic success through understanding.

For many children, curriculum support, extension and enrichment can be necessary. We have created a Centre that targets difficulties, nurtures strengths, develops skills and instills a lifelong love of learning essential for real success!
Julie Fader and the staff at HOTC share a passion for helping younger children, teenagers and adult students alike overcome the barriers to achieving their full academic potential.

Our unique approach honours each student as an individual. Our team of certified teachers and qualified instructors are sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of all students. We offer individual programs that will address those specific needs.

Our mission is to have each student achieve success at every stage, building their competence so they become confident in their abilities and begin to see themselves as an effective learner.

BizX Magazine Award Winner!!!