About Julie Fader

Julie Fader B.A., B.Ed.

Owner & Director of Programming
Head of the Class Education Centre

Julie knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a teacher. This dream was solidified in her when in Grade 3, one of her teachers told her she would never become one because of her "atrocious" penmanship and math skills. It was later discovered during her high school years that Julie had a learning disability. From that moment on, Julie was determined to educate herself and others on how disabilities were uncovered.

Born and raised in Windsor Ontario, Julie Fader has been a teacher in various capacities for over 20 years.  Passionate about the needs of children as learners, she has pursued many avenues towards information and training regarding how children learn, what the obstacles can be to learning for young children and how to overcome such obstacles.

As part of this ongoing pursuit, Julie co-founded and co-directed a not for profit organization called New ADDitudes Inc, an information, resource and support centre for parents and educators managing children with Learning Differences. In addition, Julie also achieved certification in advanced training in Collaborative Problem Solving with Dr.s Ross Greene (author of the Explosive Child) and Stuart Ablon in Summer 2007 at Harvard University.

Equally passionate about the approach to imparting information to children and managing behavior as well, Julie has also studied child development and positive peaceful methods of guiding children with Win Harwood of Positive Parenting Windsor. Julie has also successfully executed several workshops for Teachers about positive nurturing techniques in the classroom called "What do You Want To Teach Today" and most recently "Powerful Peaceful Discipline for the Classroom Teacher" partnered with Win Harwood.

In 2008, Julie together with her founding partner and sister Heather Colomba, created Head of the Class Education Centre, a full service learning support and tutoring facility.

Currently Julie's focus is on continuous professional development in learning pedagogy, learning differences and the neurobiological barriers to learning. It is Julie's most fervent belief and her sole mission at Head of the Class, that children do best in an environment where they feel safe, their needs are being met and they experience unconditional positive regard from an adult.