Many people today struggle with some degree of stress and anxiety caused by a variety of factors. In an effort to better equip children, adults, the corporate sector and community groups to deal with these daily issues, Head of the Class Education Centre has developed a series of mindfulness courses. Mindfulness is the skill and practice of focused attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity. It is a learned skill set that has been proven, by research, to help people flourish. It can create peaceful, resilient, proactive people who increase their problem-solving skills and, as a result, they better manage stress and anxiety. Research has also shown mindfulness can increase the functioning of the prefrontal cortex and executive functioning skills.

    Head of the Class Education Centre has a proven, unique and well-balanced approach to learning with the belief in the potential of every person. Mindfulness is a great tool to achieve this potential.

    Julie Fader, Head of the Class founder and instructor states; “As a practitioner f mindfulness techniques for 33 years, I have used mindfulness daily for myself to overcome anxiety and to learn to harness the potential of my ADHD brain. After seeing the success I had with mindfulness practices, I introduced the techniques to my students. Having watched the transformation of these students, I realized this technique must be shared on a broader scale.”

    Summer mindfulness courses at Head of the Class Education Centre begin July 10 for 6 weeks and is open to children of all ages. Fall schedules will be announced soon. Half- day workshops and training for adults, community groups and corporate settings are also available by appointment.


Summer Courses!

Beginning the Week of July 10

6 Weeks, 3-5 Students

1/2 Hour Weekly

$150+HST/ Student

Monday @ 3:30pm (Spots Available)

Wednesday @ 7:30pm (Spots Available)

Mindfulness for Anxiety

Monday @ 3:00pm (SOLD OUT)

Mindfulness for Beginners
Tuesday @ 1:30pm (SOLD OUT)
Tuesday @ 1:00pm
Thursday @ 5:00pm (SOLD OUT)

Mindfulness for Kids (4-6yrs)

Thursday @ 1:30pm (SOLD OUT)