At HOTC, we are a full service tutoring and learning support centre. 

At HOTC we are research based in our approach to learning.  One of the tenets that research bears out is that how a student feels about themselves as a learner is paramount.  At HOTC we have developed a comprehensive training program for our teachers/ tutors called Every Word Counts to ensure consistently the highest quality of service delivery to our student.  This program is the foundation of positivity and support for our students to move them forward.

We Offer:

1:1 Individualized Tutoring      

Referral and Advocacy Services

Reading and Comprehension Bench Marking

      Learning Disabilities/ Differences and ADHD Programming

Adult Learning Services

French Programming

      Transition to High school for Grade 8 Students

      Organization Programming called “Organized for School, Organized for Life”

      School Anxiety Support

      EQAO Grade 3, 6, 9, and 10 Support

      Summer Programs


Mindfulness Classes for Kids