1:1 Tutoring

The Hallmark of our services, our award winning comprehensive 1:1 tutoring services are completely individualized. 

These services include:

Free 30 minute initial consult with parents or caregivers.

Initial assessment with the student for needs and strengths.

1 hour sessions completely tailored to student’s needs and strengths with certified teachers or qualified instructors.

Communication with school if desired by parents.

Ongoing support and assessment.

 Every subject, every grade level from jk to adult learner

Homework Support

We offer 1:1 tutoring with or without homework support based on your needs.   For many children, curriculum support, extension and enrichment can be necessary. We have created a Centre that targets difficulties, nurtures strengths, develops skills and instills a lifelong love of learning essential for real success!

Academic Enrichment

At HOTC, we love every brain and see the tremendous potential and giftedness in every child.  We offer K-12 Enrichment programs for children to extend and encourage a sense of wonder and discovery.  Each program is based on the Ontario curriculum helps extend exploration, confidence and advancement, impacting the child’s development and academic achievement.