It Takes a Village

Parental support for challenging situations is imperative for success for our kids.  At HOTC

“It Takes a Village” program provide:

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Workshops

Parent Support Consultations

Consultations will answer:

-  What is an IEP?

-  When are services necessary?

-  What is a psycho-educational assessment?

  How and when do I need to pursue help for my child?

-  What are my rights as a parent and my child's rights as a student?

The consultations can be connected to learning support services or completely independent informational sessions designed to help support parents in making informed decisions for their children.

Consultations provided by Julie Fader B.A. B.ed., who has been providing educational support and information to parents and teachers in the Windsor area since 2005.

This service is in addition to our full service learning support and tutoring provided year round to the students of Windsor/Essex County.

We can help eliminate the confusion and stress both parents and children experience during the school year.

    -  Why did my student receive a less than favorable report card?

     -  I don’t understand what the teacher is trying to tell me about my student. What should I do?

     -  What can I do to help my student achieve better grades and/or be happier in school?

     -  Am I asking the appropriate questions to the teacher on behalf of my student but not getting any answers?

     -  I find myself constantly arguing with my student about completing their homework or assignments. What should I do?

     -  How do I talk to & support my student who is struggling in school?

     -  Should I be seeking additional academic help for my student?

For further information or to book an appointment call 519-966-1774.