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What are See-N-Read® Reading Tools?

  • Research-based and classroom-tested intervention tools (U.S. Patent No. 7,954,444) for struggling readers that help them to see, focus, and remember what they read.
  • Helps readers to concentrate on and track text and smoothly move across the words being read without losing their place, even when changing lines (“sweeping”)
  • Helps readers control their eye movements across the text on a page.
  • Note: Related terms such as reading guide strips, reading highlight strips, reader strips, reading hiliter strips are used but, currently, all other such products do not hold a U.S. Patent and, typically, are not research-based

Who may need See-N-Read®?

  • Readers of any age who skip words or lines while reading or have trouble focusing their eyes (they may say “The words move on the page”…this is called pattern glare). Effective reading intervention strategies are essential for these readers.
  • Readers with reading speed and comprehension deficiencies; fatigued readers.